A message from the President…

Our Mission

What is our mission as the GACC? Our mission statement States “Our mission is to represent the business interest of its members and promote the economic and cultural growth of the community.” What was your reason for joining the Chamber?

My idea when first joining the Chamber was to be a part of a group that would be working together to not only promote our own businesses but each other and the community. Being raised in a business on Main Street for over 27 years, I was privileged at an early age to have insight into a business community that prospered. This community supported each other in the good times and the bad times. They worked together to come up with the best way for all to prosper from any advancement. They all prospered and supported their families from this. What a great time that was to be a part of. Unfortunately, our areas economy took several severe hits with the closings of our main manufacturing jobs and many of the businesses that were once thriving are no more. This is unfortunately something that has happened all over the nation not just our community.

Things will always change, the old ways will fade away and the new ways will take their place. This is how life is and it is how we grow with the changes that determine our success. We are at a time when small business development is the buzz word and startup companies are springing up all over the nation in small towns. We have a great opportunity to grow our community by inviting small businesses to open their doors here in our community, to invite startup companies to start up here, to encourage and support our local economy and each other into prosperity again. I encourage each of us, not as GACC members, but as members of this community to encourage each other to look for the opportunities that are out there to build your own business and the business community.

-Kara Johnson, President

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