A message from the President…

Word of Mouth!!!  In the past couple of months I have heard in several meetings or while out and about in town, people say “I didn’t know that business offered that service “or “I didn’t know there was a new business in town”. This made me start thinking about how we get our information. Most all the world puts information out to the masses on some type of social media but that does not always cover everyone. What about those people that do not do social media? Local information and advertising are announced on the local radio and printed in the local paper but what about those who don’t listen to local station or read the local paper? Then you have e-mail, with a distractive Bing each time a new one comes through. I personally use all four since some information I need is on social media, some is in the local paper, and some is on the radio, and I am always connected to my email 24/7. So I need all to keep up with everything going on and what I need to do.

This made me wonder. Is this happening with our businesses also? Are people not seeing what we have to offer or the events we are having? What is the best way to get this information out to our customer base and attract new clientele to our businesses?

I have come to the conclusion that in this day and time you have to use several forms of communication to reach out to the masses. All the forms of communication reach out to a different group of people so to reach everyone you have to have them all (social media, radio, newspaper, and email).

However I think we forget the oldest form of communication and that is “WORD of MOUTH”. This is possibly still the strongest form of advertisement for a business good or bad. If customers are pleased and excited about their experience with your business they are going to be spreading the good word. Same goes with if they are displeased with their experience they will be spreading the bad word. Think about the times you have been in a group and your trying to decide where to eat. Someone will say I heard this place was great let’s try it out.

Just remember that when a customer walks out of your business they are a walking talking advertisement of the message you want people to know about your business.

-Kara Johnson, President

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