A message from the President…


The road to success is always under construction.

                                        Lily Tomlin

How many times in a day do you hear “but that is how it has always been done”. Working in the environment that I do I was taught early on that this was not the correct answer to, for any question that started out with WHY. Many times I wanted these people teaching me this lesson to go away. Did they not realize I had a job to do and the current system was working just fine, I didn’t have time to look at a different way or time to train for a new way? As time went by I realized that what they were doing was making me stop my blind routine and analyze if this was still the best process I needed to follow to get to the ultimate goal. This lesson has been one of the most valuable over the ever changing years I have worked.

I think in life as well as business it is human nature to like comfortable. Sometimes we get so comfortable we forget to look around to see potential warning signs of rising issues until there is a problem. Sometimes this is a wakeup call and the situation can be turned around. Other times though the situation is already so far in a downward spiral that it is hard to if not impossible to turn around.

As business owners in an every changing demand of customer needs and wants. It is hard to make the decision of what needs to change and what needs to stay in place to please all your customers. This is where the above quote comes into play. Life and business is always changing and as human beings we do the best we can to make the right decision in either. So pick up whatever equipment you will need to build and/or repair the road to your success.

-Kara Johnson, President

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